MTL5000 Range

Brand: MTL Instruments

MTL5000 range of isolators provide intrinsically safe (IS) communication and signal conditioning for a wide range of hazardous-area devices. Total ac and dc isolation exists between input, output and power supply on separately powered units, and between input and output on loop-powered units.

No IS earth is required. DIN-rail mounting and plug-in signal and power connectors simplify installation and maintenance. Units are powered from a 20 to 35V dc supply, or, in some cases, from the signal itself.



  • Each MTL5000 unit is supplied with signal and power connectors, as applicable
  • When using crimp Ferrules for the hazardous and Non-hazardous (safe) signal Connectors the metal Tube length should be 12 mm and the wire trim length 14 mm. for the Power Connectors the metal Tube length should be 10 mm and the wire trim length 12 mm.
  • See INM5000 for recommended Ferrules


  • 250 V rms between Input, output and Power Supply terminals, tested at 1500 V rms minimum between safe- and hazardous-area terminals. MTL5073, output and Power Supply not isolated

Location of Units

  • Safe Area


  • Accommodate conductors of up to 2.5 mm 2 stranded or single- core


  • On 35 mm (Top hat) Rail to: EN 50022-35 × 7.5, BS 5584, 35 × 27 × 7.3 DIN 46277

Ambient Temperature Limits

  • -20° to +60° C (-6° to +140° F) operating
  • -40° to +80° C (-40° to +176° F) storage


  • 5 to 95 % Relative Humidity


  • 110 g approx (Except where indicated)

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