Mark 96AA Series - Air Augmented Sanitary Pressure Regulator

Brand: Steriflow Valve

The Mark 96 with air augmentation (AA) option offers the same line sizes, Cv choices, seats, great low droop characteristics, and stability of the standard bolted bonnet Mark 96, but with an advantage.

By connecting an air pressure signal to the 1/4" FNPT dome fitting via an air regulator or I/P, the set point can be changed remotely by "sending an air signal instead of a technician".
  • Available with extended range I-P transducer or a SST gas regulator
  • Fully automated operation when used with I/P. Outlet set point pressure, and operation at full open during Rinse/CIP/Rinse cycle is controlled by PLC or DCS menu
  • Automated operation drastically reduces offset (droop) compared with spring loaded regulators
  • MK95, air-loaded design significantly reduces size and weight
  • Optimized diaphragm material, surface area and support system for unsurpassed performance and life

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