OptioLaser S300 Liquid Laser Sensor

Part Number: OL70068XX Brand: Hawk Measurement Systems

OptioLaser S300 Liquid Laser Sensor

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The OptioLaser S300 Laser can be used for the detection of all types of liquids, regardless of their dielectric properties. This laser can accurately and reliably measure highly reflective liquids, clear liquids and even turbulence liquids.

The OptioLaser, due to its narrow beam divergence, can be used to measure through grates and narrow passages, and even next to flat walls.

Typical applications consist of tank level, water treatment plant, food and beverage facilities, chemical processing plants, and pharmaceauticals.
  • Non-contact measurements without frequent calibrations
  • Easily measures all liquids
  • Measuring range of 200 m (656 ft); 50 m (164 ft) for clear liquids
  • Ruggedized Enclosure
  • Aligns the transmitter/receiver lenses with laser pointer
  • Collects level data as often as you need it
  • Optional silo / tank kit
  • Measures within narrow openings, even all walls
  • Output: 4-20, 4-20 HART, RS232, trigger
  • Simple set up



  • 4 cm (1.6”)

Operating Temperature

  • -28° to 50° C (-20° to 140° F)

Environmental Protection

  • IP66
  • Type 4X
  • IP54


  • 46 cm to 200 m (1.5 to 656 ft)


  • 905 nm (Infraed)

Input Power

  • 12 Vdc Recommended (12-24 Vdc)

  • Water
  • Waste Water
  • Chemicals
  • Processing
  • Food
  • Beverage

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