TRANSMIX-ID Real-Time Liquid Interface Detection in Flowing Pipes

Part Number: MK1000A Brand: Hawk Measurement Systems

TRANSMIX-ID Real-Time Liquid Interface Detection in Flowing Pipes

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The Transmix-ID™ is a clamp-on sensor capable of detecting and identifying liquid interfaces in flowing pipelines.

The Transmix-ID™ technology is so revolutionary, it can decipher the difference between 87 Octane Gas and JP-8 Fuel when both liquids are flowing through a pipe. The non-intrusive unit can fit to any size pipe or container and is independently powered.

The Transmix-ID™ is equipped with WiFi, Cellular or Satellite communications (or any combination thereof). The cloud-based monitoring portal identifies the liquid flowing through the pipeline and reports issues in real-time to even the most remote areas.
  • Non-intrusive design, installed on the outside of the vessel, pipe, tank, etc.
  • Large ROI (1x-5x) with up to 50% transmix waste reduction and huge savings in operational downtime
  • Intrinsically safe design
  • Capital purchase or lease options available
  • WiFi, Cellular and Satellite Options
  • Real-time transmix interface information
  • Small footprint (wraps outside of pipe)
  • Low power (battery or hard-wired)


Operating Temperature

  • -40° to 71° C (-40° to 160° F)


  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3AF, 5 Vdc Hard Wired, Battery Backup

ID Accuracy

  • Liquid Identification with 99.8 % Accuracy, Over 290 Liquid ID's in the Database with Ability to Add New ID's

Flowrate Accuracy

  • ± 1 % of Rate

Transmix Interface Accuracy

  • Sub Second Identification

  • Oil & Gas 
  • Water & Wastewater 
  • Energy
  • Chemical & Petrochemical 
  • Power Station


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