Isokinetic Sampling System

Brand: Kurz Instruments

Kurz offers a complete isokinetic sampling system to ensure true sample composition — from stack flow monitoring and sample capture to sample flow control.

The Kurz Emissions and Sampling System provides accurate sample collection for environmental, process, and nuclear applications.

It eliminates under- or over-reporting gas or particulate constituents. A wet stack option is available.

The Isokinetic Sampling System includes:
  • The KBAR-2000B multipoint insertion flow meter
  • The Series 220 Isokinetic Sampling System
  • A Kurz 504FTB or 534FTB in-line flow meter
  • The Kurz 730 Rotary Ramp Valve provides fine control of the sample flow
  • The Series 155 Mass Flow Computer

  • Stacks & Flares
  • Emissions (CEM & AMS)
  • Boilers & Recovery Boilers
  • Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Air
  • High Temperature Air Flows with Non-Uniform Temperature and Velocity Profiles
  • Incinerators
  • Coal Pulverizers

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