Mark 44 Series Adjustable Cam

Brand: Jordan Valve

The Mark 44 adjustable cam valve is used to control the flow of fuel oil to a burner. It is ideally suited for process applications with frequent changes in fuel/air mixture because the valve can easily meet new requirements by simply readjusting the cam screws.

The valve is designed for applications where tight shutoff is not required; when required, it must be provided by other means.
  • Maintains the precise flow characteristic of application with simple adjustment of cam screws.
  • Easily readjusted in the field to meet flow requirements with no need for special tools.
  • Lever is fully adjustable to accommodate the linkage in any position.
  • Spring-loaded stem maintains rollers end contact with the cam surface to prevent possible backlash.
  • For pressure up to 500 psi (34 bar) on fuel oils, gas, air, and water.
  • Standard with equal percentage flow characteristics.


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