Mark 85 Series Controlled Failure Temperature Regulator

Brand: Jordan Valve

  • The Mark 85 Series is a self-operated temperature regulator with a controlled failure option, which allows you to predetermine the position of the valve in the event of thermal system failure. The Mark 85 is designed to fail closed on heating applications and to fail open on cooling applications.
  • The MK85 is ideal for applications with slow temperature changes such as autoclaves and large storage tanks.
  • Rugged actuator for long service life – No gaskets or bellows to wear out.
  • Replaceable thermal system – Can be replaced in the field for quick and easy range changes. Available with capillaries up to 100 feet long (1,5 meters).
  • Sliding gate seats provide straight-through flow for reduced turbulence and quiet operation.
  • Short stroke for fast response and accurate regulation.
  • Easily interchangeable CV’s.
  • Tight shutoff.

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