CGDM Series - Clean Gas Distribution Manifold

Brand: Steriflow Valve

The CGDM Series is a soft seated, straight through ported multi-valve gas distribution manifold.

It is used for the distribution of purge gas or as a distribution point for air/gas actuated valves and production equipment in a clean environment.

Six or twelve outlet models are standard with tri-clamp or threaded connections.

If additional outlets are required, simply attach another CGDM with appropriate sanitary fittings or nipples (model dependent).

The CGDM Series is used in place of conventional hand piped methods for the distribution of gases and features o-ring seals and backseated bonnets to insure against stem leakage when the valves are fully open.
  • Reduce materials and installation costs – use a clean gas distribution manifold in place of conventional field-fabricated assemblies of pipe/tubing, nipples and ball valves for a lower cost, easier to install valve assembly.
  • Reduces potential leakage – the bubble-tight shutoff provided by the soft seats minimizes the potential for leakage. 
    • In addition, the integral one piece bonnet design reduces the number of external crevices for a crevice free minimum exterior.
  • Available in threaded and tri-clamp connections.
  • Integral mounting plates – bolts directly to work station, or mounts with U-bolts to a 2” pipe.
  • Fully backseated bonnets – prevents accidental stem removal and blowout. 
    • Bonnets are pinned to further prevent inadvertent removal.
  • Anti-tamper handles – the CGDM Series features anti-tamper safety handles that are operated with standard maintenance tools.

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