Mark DBAQ Series Angle Style Control Valve

Brand: Jordan Valve

  • The Mark DBAQ Series control valves are ideally suited for high pressure water and steam applications, providing excellent pressure and flow control. This design may be utilized in both high pressure and high temperature control service.
  • The Mark DBAQ is an angle style valve, which may be used in angle piping or self draining applications. The Mark DBAQ Series valves are single port, metal seated valves.
  • Angle design.
  • Equal percentage flow characteristic is standard.
  • High pressure capability.
  • The Mark DBAQ Series is suitable for high pressure or high temperature service. Ideal for high pressure water and steam applications.
  • Optional body and trim materials are available.
  • Sour service capability: optional NAcE MRO175/ISO15156-2009.
  • Tight shutoff.

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