410FTB Series Single-Point Insertion Aeration Air Flow Meter

Brand: Kurz Instruments

The Kurz 410FTB flow meter is specifically designed to monitor aeration air flow in water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Its response time to velocity changes coupled with its low noise signal allow for the highest control of dissolved oxygen (DO).

By improving DO control in aeration basins, significant improvements in energy efficiency are realized.
  • The fastest, lowest noise response to velocity changes in the industry
  • The highest repeatability, accuracy, and reliability available
  • Constant temperature thermal technology
  • No requirement for flow conditioners or minimum upstream metering runs for aeration applications
  • Interchangeable sensor and electronics (single circuit board) — no matched sets
  • Continuous self‐monitoring electronics that verify the integrity of sensor wiring and measurements
  • Zero velocity as a valid data point
  • Sensor does not overheat at zero flow by using a unique constant temperature control method and power limiting design
  • Completely field configurable using the local user interface or via a computer connection
  • Supports HART, Profibus DP, and Modbus communication protocols
  • Velocity dependent correction factors for dynamic flow profiles
  • Sensor Blockage Correction Factor (SBCF)
  • Flexibility with transmitter-attached or transmitter-separate designs
  • Patented digital sensor control circuit (US 7,418,878)
  • 3-year warranty


Velocity Range

  • 0 to 12,000 SFPM (56 NMPS)

Velocity Accuracy

  • SFPM at Laboratory Conditions: ± (1 + 2000/v) % of Reading


  • < 0.21 % Reading

Response Time

  • 0.18 seconds to 63 % of final value

Noise (Coefficient of Variation)

  • 0.2 %

Temperature Accuracy

  • ± (0.5 % of Reading +1° C) for Velocities above 100 SFPM

Electronics Operating Temperature

  • Integral Display: -13° F to 149° F (-25° C to 65° C)
  • Remote Aluminum Enclosure: -40° F to 149° F (-40° C to 65° C)
  • Remote Polycarbonate Enclosure: -13° F to 149° F (-29° C to 65° C)

Process Conditions

  • Process Pressure Rating: Up to 50 psig (345 kPag)
  • Process Temperature Rating: -40° F to 347° F (-40° C to 175° C)

Certificates & Compliance

  • Industrial Safety for Electrical Equipment: IEC/CSA/UL 61010-1
  • CE and UKCA Compliance: EMC, LVD, PED, ROHS, and WEEE
  • NAMUR Signaling Standard NE43 Compliant 4-20 mA Outputs
  • Based on SIL design

Installation Requirement

  • The Flow Meter should be placed 3 line diameters or more Upstream of the Flow Control Valve

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