Mark 12 Series Panel Mounted Loading Station

Brand: Jordan Valve

The Mark 12 panel mounted manual loading stations are used for the positioning of air-actuated valves and other pneumatic control equipment from a remote, centralized control location.

When used with Jordan's Mark 66 air-loaded regulators, they provide accurate visual control to meet the precise requirements of the tire and palstic molding industries, as well as the exacting demands of many other process industries.
  • Three models available.
  • Flow capacity of 25 scfm (100 psi/6,9 bar supply; 20 psi/1,4 bar outlet).
  • Droop less than 2 psi (0,14 bar) at 15 scfm (measured by 3″ downstream).
  • Exhaust capacity of 0.5 scfm (downstream pressure 5 psi/0,34 bar above setpoint).
  • Sensitivity: 1″ of water.
  • Effect of supply pressure variation: less than 0.25 psi/0,017 bar for 25 psi/1,7 bar maximum.
  • Supply pressure: 250 psi/17 bar maximum.
  • Fast delivery: next day shipment usually available.


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