Kayden CLASSIC® 800 Series Spare Electronics Module, L10-800-C-E

Part Number: L10-800-C-E Brand: Kayden Instruments

KAYDEN® CLASSIC® 800 Series Thermal Switch/Transmitter Electronics Module

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  • The CLASSIC 800 Series Electronics Module is for use in the following Models: 810, 812, 814, 816, 828, 830 & 832
  • Input Power
    • 12-24 Vdc
    • 115-230 Vac, 50 to 60 Hz
  • Outputs
    • Dual SPDT Relay Contacts Rated @ 5 Amps Resistive 230 Vac or 24 Vdc Maximum
    • Modbus via RS-485
  • Advanced Diagnostics
    • Any open or shorted connection will result in a FAULT indication that also deactivates all relays and disables the heater circuitry
    • An internal watchdog circuit ensures that the microprocessor code is performing as expected, and a secondary external watchdog circuit ensures that the microprocessor itself is functioning. In the event of a malfunction both circuits force the contacts open, illuminate the Fault LED and force the heater off. This prevents the possibility of a “runaway” heater or a high thermal offset.
  • Intelligent User Controls
  • The Kayden CLASSIC 800 series Display Panel features bright LED indicators for easy viewing even in direct sunlight.
  • An adjustable power-on Start-up Bypass Timer is accessible from the Display Panel for low flow alarm pump protection applications. This makes it possible to disable a pump on low flow and have it automatically restart after a predetermined time in the event of a power interruption.
  • Four adjustable delay timers allow the introduction of repeatable time delay into the (set point) relay trip function. For example, in a pump protection application this function will shut down the pump after the switch sensor has gone “dry” for the pre-set time (delay) limit.
  • The Kayden RCM Software includes the option of locking the CLASSIC 800 Series Display Panel to eliminate field adjustments or tampering.
  • Modbus allows multiple Kayden units to be connected to the same communications bus (via RS485) and monitored simultaneously.
Standard Features
  • Microprocessor Based Electronics
  • Intelligent User Interface
  • Continuous Self-Test Diagnostics of Electronics & Sensor
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Variable Heater Power
  • Dual Independent Relays
  • Relays are Factory Set to Monitor Flow
  • Adjustable Power-on Start-up Bypass Timer
  • Adjustable Set Point Deadbands
  • 4 Adjustable Independent Switch Point Timers
  • Display Panel Lock-Out (controlled via the Kayden RCM Software)
  • No Mechanical Jumpers or Trim-pots
  • Process Temperature via Modbus and/or One or Both Alarm Relays



  • RS-485 Using Kayden's Remote Control & Monitoring Software (RCMS) or other Modbus Compatible Software


  • Modbus RS-485

Electronics - Standard Features

  • *Configurable only from the Kayden RCM Software
  • 100 % Digital Design. Electronics are Environmentally Sealed
  • 4-Adjustable Independent Switch Point Timers
  • Automated Redundant Self-Test Diagnostics
  • Display Panel Lock-Out*
  • Easy Setup: No Mechanical Jumpers or Trim Pots
  • Incrementally Adjustable Heater Power (5 % Steps) with Automatic Over-Range Protection
  • Intelligent User Interface with Push-Button & Constant Display of Operation (Flow/Level)
  • Start-Up Bypass Timer
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Temperature Mode*: Process Temperature may be Displayed/Graphed in Flow/Level Mode

Input Power

  • 12-24 Vdc, 120-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz

Operating Temperature - Electronics

  • -55° to 65° C (-67° to 149° F)


  • 4-20 mA

Flow / No-Flow Monitoring & Verification
  • Air, gases, water, hydrocarbon-based liquids, viscous fluids, liquids with particulates and/or suspended solids and slurries.
  • Pump Protection
  • Pipeline / Material Storage
  • Flare Gas Monitoring
  • Relief Valve & Rupture Disk Flow Monitoring
  • Purge Air Flow
  • Eye Wash Stations
  • Tanker Loading & Unloading
  • Well Optimization

  • Interface (Level) Detection
  • Separation Vessels, Oil / Pad / Water
  • Knockout tanks

Leak Detection
  • Fast, Accurate and Repeatable at Low Flow
  • Rates
  • Drain Line Flow
  • Lube / Seal Oil Systems

High / Low Level Detection
  • Water, hydrocarbon-based liquids, viscous fluids, liquids with particulates and/or suspended solids and slurries
  • Tank Overflow Protection
  • Process Tank Batching Control

  • Process Temperature Monitoring
  • One Relay Configurable for Process Temperature

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