HawkEye365 Online Inventory Asset and Monitoring Portal

Part Number: HawkEye365 Brand: Hawk Measurement Systems

HawkEye365 Online Inventory Asset and Monitoring Portal

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The HawkEye365 Online Inventory Asset and Monitoring Portal is a complete remote and in-plant measurement and monitoring system. Unlike anything on the market today, this system is uniquely different due to the communications capabilities and compatibility with HAWK's Power over Ethernet level sensors. The advantages to Power over Ethernet connectivity are secure in-plant and remote monitoring, as well as remote sensor setup, diagnostics and troubleshooting abilities.

The HawkEye365 portal is not only compatible with PoE transmitters, but is also sensor agnostic and can monitor any type of field device such as level, flow, pressure, temperature and pH. The multiple communication methods include RS485, HART, Modbus, Ethernet TCP/IP, Cellular, Bluetooth and PoE.
  • Remote or In-Plant Tank Monitoring
  • Monitor Multiple Tanks Worldwide
  • View Tank Volume, Space or Material Height
  • Compatible with Power over Ethernet (PoE) Sensors
  • Remote Sensor Setup and Diagnostics
  • History Log Records All Actions and Adjustments
  • System Monitor display Server and Network Performance and Diagnostics
  • Access Data Remotely 24/7


Display Alarm

  • LCD Illuminates Red if Current is Out of Range
  • Adjustable Current Range for Hi / Low Red LCD Illumination Alarms

Display Mode

  • %, Material Units, Current, Bar Graph Plus HART Signals

Display Unit Range

  • -99999.9 to 99999.9

Display Digit Height

  • 7 mm (0.3”)

Extremely Low Voltage Drop

  • 2.84 V at 4 mA
  • 3.39 V at 20 mA

Operating Temperature

  • -20° to +60° C

Enclosure/Body Material

  • Enclosure: Epoxy Coated Copper-Free Aluminum


  • Nitrile

Environmental Protection

  • IP68 & NEMA 4X

  • Tank Farms 
  • Agriculture 
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Water & Wastewater 
  • Chemicals, Fuels & Lubes 
  • Propane 
  • Industrial Gas

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