Pro Ratio Pyrometers

Brand: Williamson Corporation

Williamson is the only company to offer two different types of ratio pyrometer technologies: Two-Color and Dual-Wavelength.

The Dual Wavelength pyrometer has all of the capabilities of a Two-Color with some significant added benefits/capabilities.

Two-color pyrometers are an appropriate choice for many common temperature measurement applications.

However, when operating conditions include water, steam, scale, severe temperature gradients, severe or intermittent optical obstruction, flames, combustion gasses, laser energy, plasma, small targets or low temperatures, dual-wavelength pyrometers are a more appropriate choice.
  • Six different infrared technologies including single-wavelength, ratio, and multi-wavelength designs
  • A variety of wavelength options, temperature spans, and optical configurations
  • A choice of traditional style and more versatile fiber optic configurations
  • Advanced Ratio and Multi-Wavelength models include ESP Filtering to continuously measure intermittent targets or eliminate intermittent interferences
  • A wide range of options and accessories to simplify the alignment and installation of the pyrometers as well as provide protection from hostile operating conditions


Temperature Limits

  • 0° F to 5500° F
  • 0° C to 3040° C

Spectral Response

  • TC: Fixed Wavelength-set at Around 1 μm


  • 0.25 % of Reading or 2° C whichever is greater
  • DW: Range of Precisely Selected Narrow Wavelength Bands


  • Better than 1° C


  • 0.000 to 2.000

Response & Update Time

  • TC: 10 millisecond Initial Response with 5 millisecond Update Time
  • DW: 50 ms Initial Response with 25 ms Update Time

Analog Output

  • 0/4-20 mA Output

Analog Input

  • 4-20 mA/0-20 mA Input

Measured Parameters

  • Ambient Temperature
  • Filtered and Unfiltered Temperature
  • Signal Dilution & Rate of Change
  • Signal Strength/Emissivity

Input Power

  • 24 Vdc
  • 300 mA


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