Magnetic Level Gauge (MLG)

Brand: Hawk Measurement Systems

The HAWK Magnetic Level Gauge (MLG) is widely applied in the monitoring and process control of liquid level and interface for many industries; such as petroleum, chemical, power, paper, metallurgy, water treatment etc.

The SPI and TBI are the standard and special magnetic level gauges of HAWK. The products are suitable for real time, precise, safe and reliable continuous measurement of process level. The design adopts a 360° magnetic ring which is hermetically sealed and incompressible. The indicator uses hermetical sealed glass tube technology to clearly indicate the level, which eliminates the common problems of glass gauges, such as vapour, condensation and liquid leakage etc.
  • Simple modular design, composed a main chamber and a float.
  • Immune to oxidation, corrosion and the effects of dust
  • Maximum pressure rating: ANSI 2500 LB
  • Single-chamber



  • HART
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus
  • ProfiBus

Certifications & Approvals

  • FM
  • CSA
  • ATEX
  • IECEx


  • ± 0.1” or ± 2.54 mm

Float Material

  • 316/316LSS, Ti2, Titanium Lined PFA, Titanium Alloy, Hastelloy C- 276, Zr 702

Material of Construction

  • Chamber: 304/304LSS, 316/316LSS, 317LSS, 321LSS, 347LSS, 904SS, Ti2, Hastelloy C-276, Zr 702, Ni-6, 304/ 316SS Lined PTFE, CPVC and PP
  • Indication Ruler: Stainless or Aluminium

Pressure Resistance Rating

  • ANSI 150 to 2500 lb, DIN PN 16 to PN 420

Process Connection Type

  • Flange/Thread/Nipple

Process Connection

  • Side-Mounting 1/2” to 3”
  • Top-mounting 3” to 10”

Measuring Range

  • 1 to 20 ft (0.3 to 6.1 m), 40 ft (12 m) Max.

Temperature Range

  • -320° to 1,000° F (-196° to 538° C)

Pressure Range

  • 0 to 6,000 psig (Full Vacuum to 42 MPa)

Minimum Density

  • 0.3S.G./Level, 0.05 S.G./Interface

Environmental Protection

  • IP68

  • Boiler 
  • Power Generation 
  • Coal Chemical 
  • Chemical and Petrochemical

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