Mark 9020S ISO Series - 2-Way Ball Valves

Brand: Steriflow Valve

Three piece, full bore sanitary ball valve with controlled ferrite 316L construction, designed following ASME BPE guidelines for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical applications.
  • DIN 11866-A and B (ISO) tube weld end models available
  • ASME BPE 2009 guideline compliance
  • Traceable industry grade high density 316L body, ball, stem and end caps with <3% ferrite standard, 1% optional
  • Certified TFM 1600 body seal, seat, thrust washer and packing material meet FDA 21 CFR 177 and final form materials certified to meet USP Class VI (in-vivo) and USP (in-vitro) testing requirements
  • Documented surface finish on all wettable components is SF1 (20 Ra mechanical polish), SF4 (15 Ra µin mechanical/electropolish optional)
  • Ball port has indentical ID as inlet/outlet tubing to prevent holdup
  • Pressure ratings up to 1000 psig @ 100°F
  • Anti-blowout stem design

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