Mark D and DA Series Globe and Angle Control Valve

Brand: Jordan Valve

The Mark D & DA Series are single port, screwed-in metal-seated valves with unbalanced post-guided valve plugs, and push-down-to-close plug action used for high pressure applications. These valves are used in the oil and gas industry, and are especially useful for throttling or on/off control of liquids or gases, providing excellent pressure and flow control of gasses and various liquid processes.
  • Available in in-line or angle design.
  • Equal percentage flow characteristic is standard.
  • High pressure capability.
  • Available in a variety of body and trim materials.
  • Mark D/DA Series is suitable for a variety of liquid and gas applications.
  • Optional trim materials are available for erosive applications.
  • Sour service capability: Optional NACE MRO 175/ISO 15156-2009.
  • Tight shutoff.

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