Gladiator Admittance Level Switch

Brand: Hawk Measurement Systems

The probe of the Admittance Level Switch forms one plate of a capacitance circuit, with the vessel wall making the second plate.

The dielectric constant of the product between the probe and the vessel wall will cause a change of capacitance as the level approaches the probe.

The change is detected, amplified and used to switch a relay for indication or control purposes.

A special circuit is used to ignore product build-up between the sensing probe (active element) and guard, and also between the guard and vessel wall.
  • Excellent immunity to product build-up
  • Excellent temperature stability - no false trips
  • Non contact switching possible with many products
  • Simple
  • 1-minute setup
  • Remote sensor or Integral
  • all in one types
  • Relay outputs: Integral probe (1) Remote (2)
  • Remote test function


Measuring Range

  • 0.2 pF - 100 nF

Operating Presusre

  • 1 to 60 bar
  • 14.5 to 870 psi


  • 0.01 %/°C
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